oculus rift review

There is no complete digital experience in the gaming world, as overwhelming as that of the virtual reality world.

Oculus Rift is a promising virtual reality headset, a frontier in the development of advanced hardware functionalities when you consider virtual reality technology.

The gadget has a lot to offer, and if you really desire to take advantage of these offers, then, you must secure a top notch gaming computer system.


Considering its PC requirements; you are going to need a wired connection directly to your PC, to generate enough power to propel the distribution of the allocated resolution to the Oculus Rift’s lens.

It requires you to have an Intel Core i5 processor (4590) or any of its equivalent; users can utilize the AMD Radeon 290 or a NVIDIA GTX 970 video card for proper display. Some hardcore gamers will definitely find their way around this, while the casual gamer may find the process of obtaining this specs very tasking.

oculus rift design

However, the minimum spec for the oculus rift has been lowered down to an Intel i3-6100, and the graphic processing unit can now be run with a NVIDIA GTX 960.

In terms of power dependability, the Oculus Rift is far better than the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Though it does not possess as many abilities as the HTC Vive, it still surpasses the PlayStation VR in many ways.


The “Oculus Rift” innovation began some years back and can be considered successful with the results and responses got from its launch, it was later bought by the Facebook.

Virtual reality technology has come to stay, and when talking about virtual reality, you can only explain it in ways best revealed to you. I can say it is simply a platform that permits you to experience a digital world as if you were to be present in it. Well, words cannot fully contain this world I am speaking of; it is better experienced than reading or written.

oculus rift design

The Oculus Rift performs an amazing task of positioning you in video games while producing two images at the same time. It tracks the progress generated by the movement of your head with the aid of a camera and hooks into the HDMI port of your graphics card.

You can get the Oculus Rift a Amazon for just $399.00

Oculus Rift’s Main Pack comes with the Headset, its sensor, an oculus remote, an oculus rift controller (an exact type of the Xbox Controller), the controller’s adapter and some games.

Users get to plug in the headset into the HDMI port on the Graphic processing card, the headset’s USB and sensor cables go to the USB ports on your computer system. The setup process is short and only takes 10 minutes or thereabout.

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The new version of the Oculus headset is sleek and stylish, comes with a well-design body and the hard ware works is just excellent.

oculus rift design

It is not weighty when handled, and exhibits a comfy feel. The chassis bears the weightier part of the body, with just glass and the internal thin film. However, users may experience slight heaviness and burden on their necks, when they put on the Oculus Rift, especially when sitting down.

The straps are made of flexible plastic, and solidly placed at the sides, they possess Velcro, which allows users to adjust the positioning of the headset on their faces.

You can get the Oculus Rift a Amazon for just $399.00

There is a need for the straps to be in place, as it enhances the focusing experience of the user, by positioning the rift properly on the face. A blurred occurrence may be encountered if the headset is loose and lagging.

Observations showed that the Oculus Rift features a pair of little ear pads at the side of the headset. These small pads can be adjusted to blend with your ear at any point in time. Also, the headphones attached to the Rift works creditably fine, by offering 3D surround sound that promotes good audio quality. However, you may experience random and unexpected disconnections with the headphones, which is not too good.

oculus rift design

The Oculus Rift features the impressive Microsoft’s Xbox One controller, which is possibly the best controller out there.

Another thing to consider is the long set of connecting cables that initiate and control operations from the headset to your PC

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The Oculus Rift performs effectively well, especially when operated with the right speculated PC. There are no tears in the display when on screen, and the quality produced is simply amazing.

oculus rift performance

The Oculus sensor enables tracking activities and it is solidly built. It is able to recognize your movements, even when you are turning more than 180 degrees. Users can tilt the sensor in an up or down position, depending on your present location and position.

oculus rift performance

Pretty smart and sharp, you may want to refer to the internal and external sensors, with their help, there’s no need for manual switching when you want to make use of the headset. The visor is turned off when you remove the headset and vice versa.


If you wish to survive longer in the virtual reality world, you need to take note of the motions and build a tolerance that will enable you to withstand the effects.

oculus rift performance

You may start feeling some anxieties and discomfort abilities starting out with the headset, in the long run; you will get used to the effects and master the art of coping with it.


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Growing list of apps and movies


Minimum PC requirements

Can cause nausea


There are a lot of potentials in the Oculus Rift. It presents a promising and wonderful platform to virtual reality futurist.

The hardware system is an achievement on its own, beating down some uprising and existing contenders in the virtual reality technology market with an affordable pricing. You can check the Oculus Rift Amazon price at their official website.

The Oculus Rift and its forthcoming innovation are proving to be a must-have gadget for those who really want to plunge into the world of virtual reality. It does not really match up with certain capabilities when compared with the HTC vive. However, it is a masterpiece of its own nature.

You can get the Oculus Rift a Amazon for just $399.00.

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