Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here. While we welcome the most fabulous smartphone in 2017, so many tough questions came up about the Samsung s8. Will Samsung Galaxy S8 be the best smartphone this year?  And, how will it compare to its predecessor, the Samsung S7? What about the competitions from all other big brands like Apple, Google and so on?

Remember last year Samsung had an unfavorable year. It launched a phone that had a potential of literally exploding right in your palm. Maybe that is why Samsung has had to unleash the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Samsung s8) to keep the brand name flying. But while Samsung Galaxy S8 is a king, we still have a lot to discover about the Samsung s8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 embodies the taste of true Smartphone technology. It features a fantastic camera, the Samsung s8 is fast, beautiful and boasts an insanely great display. It also has a host of other ultra-modern features – some great some irritating.

A few things make this phone frustrating. One is Bixby, the Samsung’s personal assistant, that has not been fully prepared for the market. And then there is fingerprint sensor that is placed in an awkward position on the phone body. The battery also does not meet current user expectations.

But all in all, we still agree; Samsung Galaxy S8 remains the greatest Smartphone in the market.


  • Excellent design
  • Fantastic camera
  • Crisp display


  • Pretty Expensive
  • Quite tough unlock
  • Poor Battery life

Design of Samsung S8

Samsung is not going to create Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge this year because the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus has taken its place. The new flagship Samsung s8 Smartphone with skillfully curved edges and best looks in the market leaves no alternative for another device from the brand this year.

The front of Samsung Galaxy S8 is 100% glass. The glass protects an 18.5:9 “Infinity Display” that exudes an appeal never seen before – in fact never sported since LG. Above and below, is nestled, one of the slimmest bezels that creates a stunningly high screen-to-body ratio of 87%. Being slim, cute, smooth and light, you can’t deny the ergonomics. However, it is slightly over-sized, making finger movements slightly difficult.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Display


Samsung S8 sports 1,440 x 2,960 pixels, 5.8in Super AMOLED screen. The display remains in an “Always-on” mode. The brilliant and crisp colors makes Samsung s8 display readable in any condition. Browsing in normal use returns an incredible brightness of 569m/2 when auto-brightness is enabled on a fully white screen. Disengaging auto-brightness drops it to 415cd/m2.  The display hits an impressive RGB coverage of 99.99% and has perfect contrast. This is definitely because it is an AMOLED panel.

The AMOLED actually cracked on first drop

Actually to sum it all, the Samsung s8 display is certified by the UHD Alliance as having a premium standard when it comes to Mobile HDR. It is perfectly capable of rendering HDR playback like a high-end television set.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera


When it comes to the camera, Samsung S8 still captures those wonderful moments with the specs of its predecessor. Samsung s8 uses the 12 megapixel rear camera used by S7. This snapper uses f/1.7 aperture, optical image stabilization complete with dual-pixel face-detect autofocus.

However one teensy feature separates it from the S7 make. Chipset improvements have been done to handle light. This has introduced a multi-shot image processing. The feature works like this: when you hit the shutter button, Samsung S8 camera captures three frames and merges them to get the crispest image possible.

There is also a great difference in photo quality between S7 and S8 shots, especially in well-lit outdoors scenes – noise-handling functionality in Samsung s8 camera creates an improvement. Your crisper looking frames are also due to pixel-level extra contrast in Galaxy S8 and its color-reproduction refinement capabilities.

Phone unlocking redefined

Samsung S8 has several ways for unlocking: PIN, face recognition (new), fingerprint, pattern, iris scanner and the Smart Lock that unlocks your smartphone at trusted locations.

Unfortunately most of the biometric unlocking systems won’t offer any notable convenience. You need to strive to suit the phone requirements or they won’t work. And, in certain positions of the device, none of the options will work for you.


The battery quality is lower than that of Samsung S7, meaning the predecessor has a better quality battery than Samsung S8. This however is not so much; S8 lasts an hour less, lasting 16hrs 45mins to play a looped video in flight mode when set at 170cd/m2 brightness. It however somehow compensates for this because it comes with a fast charger that charges up to 38% in only 30 minutes.


Definitely when it comes to performance, a Samsung flagship would definitely be exemplary. Looking at performance, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the pinnacle of modern smartphone technology. Europe handsets work on Exynos 8895 processors while Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors serve US handsets. Both these chipsets are the pioneers of 10nm processors, which guarantee outstanding efficiency and faster performance. They also link to Gigabit 4G/LTE network speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone actually offers super performance, probably beating any other smartphone on the market.



Consider Bixby to be a rival to Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. This AI assistant unfortunately is still a work that is incomplete; we reported earlier that Samsung Galaxy 8 Bixby voice Assistant won’t work until this spring . Even though the photo recognition works and Bixby could give info on pictures taken by your S8, the voice- control isn’t anything ready for a launch.

But Bixby is not completely without a positive feature. Swipe to the left of your screen and you will be surprised that you’ve got some goodies there – weather, Twitter feed, calendar and so on.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a pretty spectacular handset to add to your phone collection. Actually it portrays Samsung’s spirit in continuing with its endeavors to find new greater paths for the benefit of smartphone consumers.

In the early eras, Samsung rolled out top-notch specs and outstanding features into the Galaxy S series, then followed with an attractive design. Since the S6, things have tremendously evolved and Samsung S8 has become the epitome of design transformation, embodying unquestioned aesthetics and functionality.  But all these come at fairly heightened cost, leaving the choice to you.

Should you Buy Samsung S8?

Yes, if you fancy a great phone that offers a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, go ahead! But evidently at £679, it has to be more than you would expect for the value – slightly overpriced but prestigious.

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