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Snapchat Spectacles offer you a new way to capture videos ‘memories’ so that you never miss any moment unless it’s been 24hours and the videos self-delete from your Snapchat Story.

The video-recording spectacles from Snap Inc. offer you a small camera built into the plastic sunglasses frame that sends 10-second clips to your Android smartphone or iPhone via the Snapchat app.


Stylish-looking sunglasses design

Fun circular, hands-free video

Works perfectly with Snap’s fun tools


Poor low-light video

Wi-Fi connection issues

Battery life is sub-par

The concept of this Snapchat Spectacles is not too dissimilar from the Google Glass which is currently not available to the public as a result of its failure when it was first available to the public, though companies are now reaping a lot of benefits using it. Snap initially made its Spectacles scarce in order to send buyers into a frenzy.

You can turn off the Snapchat Snap Maps tracking features now

But the main two reasons Snapchat Spectacles is more successful than Google Glass is that they looked just like normal sunglasses and people’s privacy is not as big an issue. When you are recording, an outward-facing light will show up.


snapchat spectacles

Snap has recently positioned itself as a camera company instead of the app that millennials know how to use and every single adult we chat with just does not ‘get’ but curious to learn about.

This looks like the first new step for a growing company. They are inviting you to follow along. But is it worth following back? We take a look at it.

Snapchat Spectacles price and release date

You can now purchase Snap Spectacles online on Amazon both in the US and the UK. They cost $129.99 or £129.99 and about AU$169 and will be shipped to you in 5 to 10 days time.

Design and colors

  • Comes in 3 colors: teal, coral, and black
  • UV protection, comfortable to wear and durable
  • Stylish sunglasses with a camera

The exceptional decision made by Snap when they are creating the Snapchat Spectacles was designing them as fairly fashionable sunglasses with a camera.

The Spectacles resembles the trendy shades with round lenses that people use today. The sunglasses come in 3 colors: teal, coral, and a subtle black.

snapchat spectacles

All colors sport 2 “Snapchat yellow” circles, outlining the camera on the left side and LED ring of light on the right side. The LED indicates the status of your battery and recording status.

The circle-shaped lenses present UV protection, to block any harmful rays from the sun and minimize damage from a shallow drop.

There are no polarized lenses or anti-reflecting coating here, but you can also see your phone screen and smartwatch without any problem, a side effect of some polarized lenses.

This is not a prescription Spectacle, but you can swap out the Snapchat Spectacles lenses with the help of an expert or professional ABO-certified optician. Snap is also willing to answer any optician’s questions on its site.

The Spectacles are for everyone because they are considered one-size-fit-most and really feel comfortable on the face that one can wear them all day.

The glasses have few movable parts. The screw on both hinges can be tightened with small flathead screwdriver. That’s actually the only delicate sunglasses joint, which of course is fixable.

snapchat spectacle

For instance, the rubberized nosepads lack the usual fragile, tiny arms, so there is no movable part there. The camera button of the Spectacles sits almost flush with its top lug near the temple.

One way you can damage the video-recording sunglasses is if you submerge them in water or step on them. They are not waterproof, Snap warns.

Features and functionality

  • Initiating Wi-Fi transfers has the Snapchat-level learning curve
  • Beams the video to your Android or iPhone for editing
  • 10-second videos on your day – captured hands-free

These Spectacles are the brand new way to answer the favorite question everyone love to ask: “What did you do today?”

snapchat spectacle feature

The Spectacle is the new hands-free way of telling your day’s story. It works by pressing the record button to capture a 10-second memory. If you want to record up to 30 seconds video in total, you can press the button twice, but it is always broken into 10-second segments.

The Snapchat app helps you transfer the video to your smartphone, where you can add text, geofilter, stickers and the usual Snapchat editing tools to the clip.

The great thing about the Snapchat Spectacles is that you can record video with them without your smartphone. You can leave your phone behind or keep it in the pocket. Your sunglasses can serve as your camera now.

Before they run out of space, the Spectacles can save up to 200 Snaps. But at times, importing videos can be challenging, especially if you are trying to get HD clips via Wi-Fi. The standard definition clips arrive via Bluetooth automatically.

The transferring of video via Wi-Fi is always an issue with devices that rely on Wi-Fi, so it is not the issue with only Snap – it is a general problem.

snapchat spectacles

Because your phone automatically clings to either your home or work Wi-Fi router, you need to drop the connection manually to pair with the Spectacle Wi-Fi signal every time.

The good news is that immediately the video is transferred to the app, you can use all of the editing tools that make Snapchat great. You can add emojis, geofilters, text, and drawings with ease.

You can decide which videos to upload and send to your friend (no automatic uploads).

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Video quality

  • Best viewed via Snapchat’s app for zoomed-in look
  • 115-degree field of view video is good, not great
  • Captures ‘kodak moments’ you’d otherwise miss

The novel thing about Spectacles is that its 115-degree field-of-view video is always captured in a circular shape to mimic human eye.

You can set a bit more of the zoomed-in footage by moving the screen of your phone in portrait and landscape orientations. This makes the video look bigger than the 16:9 rectangular smartphone screen.

snapchat spectacles video

Therefore the Spectacles video is best viewed through the Snapchat app. It is easy to export clips, but they either lose the zoom-in novelty, with the full circle video that has poor white borders, or give the cut-off view (if mixed with normal Snaps) flanked by black borders. These Spectacles are really meant for Snapchat.

It is no surprise to anyone that the video quality is good, but not great. You can’t compare the video to the video quality of your smartphone camera and the post-processing software.

That said, the videos are always clear to get the point of your day across to your followers, and the microphone picks up everything said more clearly than we even expected.

Battery life

  • It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the Spectacles
  • Sunglasses last for 100 snaps before you recharge, but Wi-Fi transfers halve that
  • Bulky yellow case doubles as the clutch, on-the-go battery charger

You have become good at using the Snapchat app, and you now need to become efficient at using the Spectacles camera, because its small battery life can be a concern.

Snaps claim it takes 100 videos per charge, but when we started using it and transferring video via Wi-Fi, that claim was reduced by more than half. It is best to capture what you see in a single take and move on.

snapchat spectacles battery

So you have 8 minutes of footage per charge. If that is not enough, Spectacles comes with a battery charging case.

You can charge the Spectacle in the bulky yellow case up to four times before you need to recharge the case. It comes with a propriety cable that clings to the back of the case magnetically.

Once you notice the red inner Led light illuminates, you can throw the Spectacles into the case and put it in the bag, if it fits. The case is oddly shaped triangular tube which takes a lot of space.

snapchat spectacles battery

It would have been perfect if the case would fit into the pocket, but that’s not the case here. The Spectacles take up to 90 minutes to fully charge.


Spectacles offer the hands-free way to tell your Snapchat story. The 10-second video clips you can take with it allows your followers and friends to have the first-person account of your day and it takes advantage of Snapchat’s fun way to mark up your videos.

Because the Spectacles are fairly normal-looking sunglasses, designed by a company that has establish coolness among teens, the camera is not posing a significant privacy concern.

Should you buy Spectacles? Yes for Snapchat score addicts and trophy seekers, and anyone bent on early adopter. If you have not been using the Snapchat app before, don’t think the Spectacles will make you fall in love with Snapchat immediately. It is however what you’ve been waiting for to know the ins and outs of Snapchat.

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