Sony a1e oled price

Sony Bravia A1E OLED TV is another masterpiece from Sony. You may get confused on the product to settle for when you decide it’s time to get any new electronics, how much more while looking for the perfect TV. There are so many brands available, and the competition is stiff, so it may come as no surprise when you have to take out time to decide the brand to patronize.

Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with Sony Bravia A1E OLED TV. Sony specializes in producing state-of-the-art quality products, and the Sony OLED a1e has a warranty to guarantee its top quality. This post will go into details on Sony oled a1e TV, the specifications, unique features, design, including the Sony a1e oled price. The aim of the review is to provide all the necessary details concerning the TV.
Sony has been in this business for some time now, and their quality has increased over the years. The Sony oled a1e comes with a large screen in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes, and this enables the manufacturer to integrate 4K pixel counts into the quality of the pictures.

Sony Bravia a1e OLED design

Sony a1e oled price

Sony makes a great effort in ensuring that their products come out looking ultra-modern and impressive. The Sony oled a1e has a peculiar sound and audio system that emanates from the screen. Sony had an idea to focus on the screen of the TV 100% while manufacturing the Sony oled a1e, and this reduced the bodywork around the TV to the barest minimum.

Sony produced a TV with a thin black frame around the four sides of the screen, and this frame can’t be seen in a dark environment due to its intense black levels. All you have left is a wide screen to enjoy. It’s important to note that since Sony doesn’t produce screens, it partnered with LG to secure LG’s OLED screen. So the panel from the Sony oled a1e TV comes directly from LG’s grand production line. The TV is perfect if you have a wide living room and the quality of the picture remains intact.
The Sony oled a1e has connections like other oled TVs, and this is located at the base of the lean-to stand. It has four HDMIs, three USBs, an RS-232 port for integration to a wide automated system at home, and an internet port to hardwire the TV to a network rather than via a built-in Wi-Fi system.

HD/SDR Performance

sony bravia a1e oled performance

Apart from the design of the Sony oled a1e, another extraordinary quality is the HD/SDR performance.
The Sony oled a1e is one of the best when it comes to delivering good quality HD content. The TV gives HD to 4K upscaling which produces an overall effect of sensational pictures that seems like the real 4K it dazzles. The triluminos color associated with Sony adds more value to the quality of the upscaling of HD.
Sony ensures that while producing a quality modern TV, the bright areas are not over enhanced beyond representing an image that looks real and balanced. This means the images stay natural and look realistic even though they may appear brighter and the colors richer.
The Sony oled a1e proves the fact that a TV doesn’t require so much brightness to improve the appearance of HDR in as much as it presents enough black levels and pixel-level light control. This trait is common in OLED TV and the after effect is incredible.
It has the capacity to make dark scenes look cool since each pixel generates its own light. When a pixel needs to look black, then it becomes completely black without any issues or light pollution filtering in to reduce the resolution. The lights which the pixels produce are turned off when a truly black image appears on the screen. Whenever the brightness of a scene is too much, the TV’s Automatic Brightness Limiter reduces the light. The Sony a1e makes use of oled so you can savor the depth of the images from any angle without the color saturation or contrast effect.
The light and management of color detail make the Sony oled a1e TV 4K, and HDR pictures are magnetic and appealing to the senses. However, the brightness is not sufficient to unleash the full potentials of HDR luminance.

Sony Bravia a1e OLED Audio quality

sony bravia a1e oled

The audio sound of any TV is important in how well it can generate the pleasurable theater experience right in the comfort of your home.
It may sound crazy, but the Sony oled a1e achieved something remarkable with their sound quality especially as it comes from the screen. The audio spreads beyond the body of the TV and increases your absorption rate while watching the TV. Sony oled a1e TV uses flat surface exciter technology, and it transforms the whole screen into speakers without affecting the images.

Sony Bravia a1e OLED Specifications

Screen size: 65-inch and 55-inch (The footprint of the 55″ TV Stand: 13.0″ x 48.4″)
Dimension: 1228 x 711 x 86mm
3D: No
HDR: Compatible (Dolby Vision and HDR10)
Inputs: Four HDMI, three USBs, Wi-Fi, RS-232, satellite and terrestrial RF inputs, headphone jack.
Tuner: Freeview HD
Operating system: Android
Sound: Acoustic Surface audio technology

Sony Bravia A1E OLED price

Sony products are usually competitive, and the Sony a1e oled price is between $3500 -$5,500.You can get the best deal on Amazon.
These are different Sony a1e oled TV specifications, unique features, and design. The price range may be subject to change and depends on the retailer you purchase the TV from as well.


The Sony a1e oled TV is classic has a thin frame all around the corners, and the screen was made by LG since Sony doesn’t build the screens for the TV. Sony intends to manufacture a bigger screen TV 77-inch soon, so lovers of big screens can take advantage of it. But if you want something better, you can go for LG OLED E7.
So if you’re still trying to figure out why you should give the Sony oled a1 a try, then check out the TV specs and see if they fit in with what you have in mind. To get the best deal for this TV, check it at Amazon here.

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